Fully Automated Remanent Moment Magnetometer for Fast, Accurate Production Control of Thin Film Media


  • Non-destructive mapping of Mrt, Hcr, and S'
  • Cassette loaded
  • Individual scans of both sides
  • 50 times faster then RMMTM (at O.D. of 95 mm disk)
  • Automatically measures any disk without prior knowledge of properties
  • Zone bit recording with number of sectors proportional to radius in mm
  • Radial increments as small as 1mm
  • Hmax = 12 kOe
  • Minimum Mrt = 0.1 memu/cm2
  • Absolute accuracy in MrT, Hcr = 5%
  • Track average repeatability in MrT, Hcr <= 1%
  • Time dependence of Hcr
  • No restrictions on disk size down to 27mm
  • Quick size changeover (<10 min)
  • Disk orientation keyed throughout handling / measurement cycle
  • Multiple format presentation of data down to individual sector level
  • PASS / FAIL configuration
  • No hardware adjustments / "tweaking" ; total PC control
  • Same user-friendly menu format as RMMTM and ORMTM
  • 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 A; 90-100 p.s.i. clean, dry air
  • Mobile self-contained unit including PC and display
  • Outstanding repeatability, reliability

High Hcr Sample Data
Surface scan of high Hcr disk.

The surface average values of MrT, Hcr and S' are
0.257 memu/cm2, 6.000 KOe and 0.804.

High Hcr Sample Data
Surface scan of low MrT disk.

The surface average values of MrT, Hcr and S' are
0.220 memu/cm2, 2.197 KOe and 0.802.

High Hcr Sample Data
Display of cassette properties

The lengths of the bars represent the ranges of the
respective properties.The bars for SIDE A/B are
displaced slightly from each other.


99 Repetitions
Radius - 20mm
Disk Size - 65 mm

Track Averages for 99 consecutive measurements on the same radius. In between each measurement the disk was automatically returned to the cassette and then reloaded.

Pass/Fail Display
Pass/Fail map of cassette properties. The values failing low are represented in yellow, those failing high are in red.
TDR Display Decrease in track average Hcr over 100 erase cycles for a low MrT (0.115 memu/cm2) disk. Similar data are available down to the individual sector level.

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