• Measures remanent hysteretic properties of perpendicular recording media (Mrt, Hcr, S', Hn)
  • Auto mapping across disk
  • No restriction on SUL properties
  • Hmax = 20 kOe
  • Maximum Hcr = 10 kOe, Minimum Mrt = 0.1 memu/cm2
  • STD in Mrt = < 0.01 memu/cm2
  • STD in Hcr = 50 Oe or 5% (whichever is larger)
  • Measurement time same as ORMTM
  • Vacuum Chuck
  • Same hub fits all thicknesses for disks of same ID
  • Measures 95mm to smallest sizes
  • Same simple adjustment-free operation as RMMTM/ORMTM
  • Same stability in cal constants as in RMMTM/ORMTM
  • 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 A; 90-100 p.s.i. compressed air
  • Unit On Casters, Totally Mobile, Clean-room compatible

Fig.1 - Typical MT versus H curve

Fig.2(a) MrT vs theta at mid radius
Fig.2(b) Hcr vs theta at mid radius

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